TCL 32S327 Deals and Black Friday Sales 2022

TCL 3 series Roku smart LED a cheap and Alexa control TV with a 60 fps display. You can enjoy hundreds of streaming apps and movies in one place.

In this article, we review the TCL 32S327 Smart Roku LED TV. We will also list TCL 32S335, 40S325, 43S325 , or 49S325 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

TCL 32S327 Review

We will have the TCL 32s 327 review, and we will have a detailed look at the various features this product possesses. While you’ll have seen TCL crop up a lot, the brand is known for making some of the best cheap TVs. You can buy while many of them offer a 4k resolution; the 32-inch TCL 32s 327 is the smallest model in the company’s three series range and is full HD. Overall it’s a decent little performer packing in good sound in the excellent Roku smart tv platform if you need a small tv on a very tight budget.

TCL 32S327 Deals

TCL 32S327 Deals

Size & Design

You’ll find a fair bit to like here. The TCL 32s 327 has a pretty compact footprint of 28.8 by 17.1 by 6.8 inches, including a stand making it well suited for smaller spaces. It’s not the most elegantly designed set. Its rear casing protrudes a fair bit, and it’s overwhelmingly made of black plastic, but the black bezel on the front does have a bit of shine, as we’ve seen on other budget TVs from TCL. There’s a rather odd triangle pattern on the back panel.

It’s not offensive, but it’s not precisely stylish either we prefer Samsung’s approach of a fully textured back panel; instead, connectivity is decent for the price with three HDMI ports. One supporting arc is each of USB coaxial and composite video inputs in an optical app.

TCL 32S327 review

There’s a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack. There’s no ethernet cable here to support a wired internet connection. However, dual-band wi-fi for wireless connectivity should be more convenient for most people once online setting up. The 32s 327’s Roku smarts are straightforward. You need a computer or phone nearby to verify your Roku login details.

Streaming Apps

Most of the apps you could want are here, with over 4 000 services to choose from, including Netflix HBO. Now Disney plus and google play in a time where 4k resolution is the king. Even at this screen size, it’s hard to know what to expect from a tv such as the 32s 327 at its price though it performs reasonably well and the 1920×1080 resolution works well at the size colors look pretty good. We watch spider-man homecoming with reds, blues and greens reproduced accurately and with vibrancy, even a little way off-axis, move too much past a 45-degree viewing angle. Checkout Samsung TU8000 on Sale.

TCL 32S327 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

You will start to see some fade, but many LCD sets suffer far more in this regard. Pictures look sharp and detailed levels are pretty good, too, with some level of insight to textures and clothing and landscapes. You will notice some blurring around fast action scenes, though, and we couldn’t rectify that with the motion processing options. As for gaming, we measured a lag time of 12.3 milliseconds making the 32s 327. A viable gaming tv2 it obviously won’t support 4k or hdr gaming, but at a full HD level, we found it to be precise and responsive as with its picture performance. We weren’t expecting great things from the 32s 327’s built-in dual 5-watt speakers.

TCL 32S327 Black Friday

Alexa Control

Still, they produce a surprising level of punch to describe the 327 is capable is probably a fair assessment of its abilities with its super low price and full HD resolution. It’s never going to be tv to wow, but it does offer good value for those looking for a small tv on a budget. The picture does the job for its size. The Roku smart tv system is superb, and the ability to link up your Alexa or google assistant capable speakers is a nice touch. If you’re looking for a small cheap streaming tv or gaming monitor, the tcl3 series 32s 327 is an excellent place to start or to buy, and you can get the tcl32s 327.