Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we review the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Pressure Washer. We will also list Sun Joe SPX3000 Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Prime Day deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Black Friday Deals 2021

Today I’m reviewing the San Joe electric pressure washer. There are five included nozzles in the store in the back of the unit. The zero Degree orange nozzle is best for small concentrated areas to remove tar grease spots and caked mud.

sun joe spx3000 black friday

The 15 degrees yellow nozzle is for intense cleaning on hard surfaces to strip paint mildew stains and rust from steel. The 25-degree green nozzle is suitable for home siding with patios, wood siding, and driveways. The 40-degree gray nozzle is ideal for cars, trucks, boats, and patio furniture. The black soap nozzle is for cleaning using detergent at low pressure.


The nozzle attaches easily to the spray wand; pull back to remove it. This device has a GFCI plug which prevents electric shock in wet locations. A great safety feature is the use of a device plug. This attaches a garden hose to your faucet, squeezes the other end, and twists the adapter counterclockwise to tighten it, making sure it’s not cross-threaded to prevent leakage.

The device is turned on, and you can use the pressure washer. I used the yellow nozzle to clean the vinyl sidewall, and it worked great; just take it off. It also easily removes traces of dirt and mildew from the sides of my house.


I used different nozzles, and none removed the baking powder. It probably needs a good soap and scrub. However, the newer poop separated by the gray bird nozzle, which I didn’t want to touch, came off quickly. It’s baked over a sticky wood juice that usually has to be removed by hand with dirt.

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Final Words

Peel well with a pressure washer and save a lot of time and effort. I think it’s easy to clean the dirt off my gray nozzle planters. This pressure washer has many outdoor uses. It worked well on the concrete siding Koller and furniture. It’s a good value considering the price and many services.