Sony A8H Deals – Get the Latest Deal on Sony A8H 2022

The Sony Bravia A8H is the best 4K OLED with an elegant design, HDR colors, and perfect sound quality. With the Pixel Booster, you will get vivid colors and in-depth pixel performance.

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Sony A8H Deals

Sony A8H the most usable version of Android TV. I’ve seen it implemented. It’s got a special chip with local memory, and it just works fast enough for me not to hate it. You can always add your separate streaming stick or a box if you want to, but it’s perfectly workable on the TV.

Sony A8H Deals

You get some advantages, like if you tried to use Netflix calibrated mode, you’ve got to use the Netflix app built into the TV. Also, I think there’s a level of confidence that you’re getting 4k and HDR from the TV apps without the complications of a separate device connected with an HDMI cable and other settings.

Sony A8H Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

HDR mode or Dolby vision

Suppose you don’t want to have a separate stream or know that this TV does Android TV. It supports Auto low latency mode and variable refresh rate as well as 4k up to 120. If you wanted a sony tv and Sony picture quality plus a better gaming experience, that was part of the reason Sony didn’t include it in this TV.

Sony A8H Black Friday

They think that this TV is going to be something for the video files of us out there. The cinephiles folks who value picture quality above all else and probably just aren’t going to be playing games on the TV is that rationale sound. You don’t need to do much else with the television it looks fantastic. I wouldn’t say I like that I have to go into each input, including apps, to get all the custom settings right and, of course, once You kick into HDR mode or Dolby vision.


You’ve got to customize those as well, so there’s a lot of setup work on the front end, but it looks impressive once that’s done. The color accuracy appears to be fantastic. The peak luminance is definitely enough to get you a satisfying HDR experience and, of course, the perfect black levels; that’s what Ola is all about. It comes out of black better than most unique features so far to Sony’s picture processing technology. I’ll put this TV against any other in that regard. We will you know as we get more OLED TVs in.

Best Picture OLED

We’ll take a close look at how this TV compares to those, but I can tell you that it’s every bit as good as the gallery series OLED from LG and just different in some ways, and that comes down to how Sony decides. It’s going to enhance certain parts of the image but not improve other aspects of how it handles HDR in general.

Sony A8H cyber monday

It’s very carefully tracking the OTF curve, so really, an outstanding TV picture quality is at its peak here, so there’s nothing more that needs to be said, raising an obvious question. It has more transducers, and it can also act as the center channel in your surround sound system connect. The TV to your center channel output on your AV receiver is fun, but aside from the fact that you can only get a 77-inch model with a 9g. I don’t think there’s a big enough difference there to justify spending the extra money.

Final Words

It’s a fantastic television if you have other priorities. However, please wait a little while. Let’s see what the other OLED x’s that come out later this year look like and how they compare to this particular television, but it’s a beautiful-looking TV. I’ve enjoyed every second I’ve spent with it, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it now if you’re waiting for some of the more spec-oriented stuff. You want to know what the peak brightness level is in terms of nits, and you want to know what the color space coverage is like.

That stuff will be available in my full written review, and we’ll link to that in the description as soon as it’s published. Still, I got to tell you it’s going to be right up there with the best it has been for a couple of years now. I don’t think that that should be the motivator exactly; I think it should come down to user experience picture quality and your priorities. For that reason, the a8h is a fantastic buy.