Sonos Playbar Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

In this article, we review the Sonos Playbar Soundbar. We will also list Sonos Playbar Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

Sonos Playbar Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I am reviewing the play bar by Sonos. This is a normal so nose device that has a twist. It can be hooked up to your television, and you can use the optical in on this device to play what is coming out of your TV.

Sonos Playbar Black Friday

Suppose you’re unfamiliar with the Sonos product line. Sonos is a company that creates speakers and wireless hubs that allow you to send music to a speaker. In that case, you can pair speakers together for stereo connectivity, and they support a ton of different services from audible to Spotify to the radio, almost everything out. Checkout Sennheiser AMBEO Black Friday Deals.


There will hook up with your Sonos speaker system. The speaker system can also be used in two different ways in this standing mode which you could also set it onto a wall or flip it around and set it down, and it goes into a low profile mode.

sonos playbar cyber monday

Hopefully, your remote can reach over the top of this low profile mode and get to the television to the IR receiver. The sambar also has two IR receivers to accommodate for this, so you have one on the front here, and then you have a second one at the top, kind of a nice design.


The bar itself is created nicely. The construction on this is great. It feels very solid. There are nine speakers in here and all around. I feel like this is not a cheap soundbar on the back of the soundbar. There are a few connectors, one for power, one for optical audio in, and two Ethernet ports.


This soundbar can be used in two ways, either in a wireless mode. If you have an internal network in your home, you can plug it in via ethernet, and it will sync up to a computer. You don’t have to use the wireless bridge as far as oft where it goes. The sono software is pretty good on both mobile devices on your desktop computer.