Sonos Beam Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

This article mentioned the latest deals on Sonos Beam Soundbar. We also listed Sonos Beam Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to save big.

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Sonos Beam Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

We’ve got a Sonos beam compact soundbar giving you all the information you need in under five minutes. If you purchase the item from our store and it’s not right, you can always send it back under our 30-day hassle-free returns policy, and if it is right for you, you’re covered by our exclusive six-year warranty.

Sonos Beam Black Friday

As expected, there’s been a lot of attention on the newest Sonos arc soundbar equipped with Dolby atmos lately, which has distracted me from how good the Sonos beam soundbar is. Get a Denon DHT-S716H Black Friday Deals.


The beam is half the price of the Sonos arc, and it’s supplied in either a black or white color. Now it’s picked up some great awards over the last couple of years, such as what high five best soundbar for two years running and the t3 best gadget award, which are nice accolades to have considering the amount of competition.

There is on the market a much smaller soundbar in width in the ark. The beam is 65 centimeters long, and it’s suited to small to medium-sized rooms such as a small living room snug or kitchen diner.

Voice Assistant

We would also recommend it with a tv size of no more than 55 inches in diameter. For aesthetic purposes, Sonos call the beam a 3-in-1 soundbar because it has the benefit of connecting to your wi-fi wirelessly.

It provides an upgrade to your tv sound and acts as a wireless speaker for your music and a voice assistant, as it has amazon and google assistant built into the beam.

Connection Accessories

It’s also really easy to stream your favorite music or podcast using a Sonos app to Spotify connect or airplay 2. If you have an Apple device in terms of setup, it’s straightforward, so it’s just one HDMI cable into your TV’s HDMI arc connection and plugged into mains power.

You use your smartphone or tablet to download the Sonos app and follow the instructions as part of your setup. You’ll also pay for your existing tv remote with the beam as they don’t supply you with one, which is a good thing as I hate having multiple remotes and prefers to keep them to a minimum.

Streaming Apps

The Sonos beam also has some useful other features, so first of all, you’ve got true play tuning if you own an Apple device. You can acoustically optimize the soundbar for your seating position and the room’s dimensions and layout using the microphone in the device, which makes quite a noticeable difference in the sound quality. You can toggle this on and off.

sonos beam cyber monday deals

You can hear what difference it’s making on the fly. The beam also offers speech enhancement, which makes the vocals clearer and perfect.

Sound Quality

Suppose you’re struggling to hear the dialogue and don’t want to miss anything. In that case, it also offers night mode, a feature that suppresses the louder sounds in the audio and enhances the quieter sounds, giving you the same immersion but ensuring you don’t disturb neighbors or wake up your children.