Samsung TU8000 Deals and Black Friday Sales 2022

Samsung TU8000 is Crystal UHD Smart 4K LED TV that offers HDR Gaming, Ambient Mode, and built-in Alexa or Google Assistant. The Samsung TU8000 series have an attractive design, video upscaling, Crystal Processor 4K, and vivid colors option.

In this article, we review the Samsung TU8000 4K Smart LED TV. We will also list Samsung UN43TU8000FXZA, UN50TU8000FXZA, UN55TU8000FXZA, UN65TU8000FXZA, UN75TU8000FXZA, or UN85TU8000FXZA Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

Samsung TU8000 Review

We’re going to review the Samsung t8000 4k UHD TV. The TU 8000 it’s part of Samsung’s crystal ultra HD line of TVs um this is a step up above the tu7000 tv and we’re going to be describing the differences between the tu7000 and this TU 8000 tv. We’re going to be describing if it’s worth that price because this is pretty much a very cheap tv. You can get this one off black Friday for a low cost.

Samsung TU8000 Review

Samsung TU8000 Deals


In remotes the one of the big difference between the TU7000 and the TU8000, the TU8000 comes with this new modern remote from Samsung which I think looks a lot better. The tu7000 will give you the standard Samsung tv that you’ve been having for years.

With the TU7000, you would get the smart hub in uh Netflix and all these little shortcuts but basically, this is the same remote. You’re going to get with the tu7000 but when you step up to the TU8000 you get this modern remote with these cool little buttons and one top tip to mute.

Like every other Samsung smart tv, you get Netflix, prime video, Hulu, Disney plus. If you have any inputs like a PlayStation. Xbox will show up here on apple tv.

Alexa & Google Assistant

It does have Amazon Alexa built-in also works with Google. So you can use google assistant and Amazon Alexa with this tv. You can see the little voice assistant button and it will bring up any assistant that you like now you can choose Google or Alexa or Bixby.

Samsung TU8000 Deals

I wouldn’t see why you would use Bixby but you do have this option when you set up the tv for the first time you also get apple music your Samsung health app.

This will run off your Samsung account uh then other you know Samsung tv plus and all the other ones and you can customize this by holding the middle button on the remote and you will be able to move or remove any of these.

The top tip so yeah it’s just your normal Samsung tv experience you do have your quick settings that we will get to in a minute and your sources your search bar in your different apps.

Ambient Mode

One huge another big difference between the TU8000 over the TU7000 is the little button called ambient mode. When you press ambient mode what it will do is basically give you this ambient type background that can load automatically. You can set this in settings in which you’ll have the um the calendar and a picture um and you can do a lot of things with ambient light.

You could do artwork you could do a background theme to match your wall. I don’t believe you get the voice assistant on the TU7000. You have to step up to the tu 8000 to get the voice assistant and the ambient mode. So with ports on this tv, you get two HDMI ports you get two USB ports.

Samsung TU8000 Cyber Monday
Ambient Mode


You get an ethernet jack you get composite uh the tu7000 will not have composites so if you have older gaming systems you’re gonna want to get the tu8000 instead. It comes with the composite ethernet and pretty much all the ports you’ll ever need so let’s talk about the display.

This is pretty much the most important factor when you’re talking about tv and the display is amazing right so 4k quality rich colors this is an LCD display. So this is not an OLED this is not the QLED it is just the standard LCD that Samsung uses. All the way on this other side of the room you get the same rich colors um the bezels are really small like you know. Checkout LG 49SJ810V Deals.


They’re not the smallest bezel but they are very small for this price of tv um and yeah 43 inches this one I think it goes up to about 80 roughly um but yeah 4k quality does come with HDR so you’re gonna get rich color HDR video and uh yeah for the price this is a beautiful display.

So one thing I want to talk about is the rich blacks in this tv the blacks are really good for an LCD tv um on camera. It looks different with my own eyes this looks very dark so when you’re watching things with very dark backgrounds.

Gaming Performance

If you go home real quick you go to these quick settings, you’re gonna want to turn off gaming mode. This comes on automatically, if you have a gaming device if you want rich colors then I suggest you turn gaming mode off. It’s on by default and just I don’t like gaming mode.

I just don’t like it so go ahead and turn that off in the quick settings, it’s not going to be in the full settings. It’s going to be in the quick settings another thing is the picture quality, this is standard which comes by default and then you have a natural pic of picture mode is really when you get all your rich colors.

Samsung TU8000 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

So if your picture mode is really where you get the real colors they’re not really vibrant but they are real to life um dynamic is where you’re gonna get these rich colors so dynamic is what I have it on again it also comes in standard mode for sound. So you’re gonna want to put on adaptive um amplify just sounds a bit too tinny for me so I usually end up putting on on adaptive so if you go to all settings it’s just your typical Samsung tv.

Samsung TU8000 Black Friday

Sound Quality

You can pretty much customize go in here and do whatever you like um I really haven’t done this but you can uh you have all your pictures sound quality. You’ve got general which has loads of different settings that you could do um and speaking of apple airplay.

I’m going to show you connectivity with this tv, so if you have any Samsung device you can go into smart things and connect this tv and up with your phone so using your Samsung phone. You pretty much customize everything about your tv so you can use tap view which you can tap your phone to your tv and it mirrors what you’re using um and yeah you can use your phone as a remote.

So it can turn the volume up and down power you could do sources you can turn the ambient mode off in other sense you can go ahead up here and use smart view you can play tv sound on phone and you can play phone sound on tv and you can do a lot of things with your Samsung phone to your Samsung tv.