Samsung Q60T Deals and Black Friday Sales 2021

Samsung Q60T is a perfect 4K QLED with the smart feature for your home and office. Samsung Q60T offers high-quality performance, vivid colors, and gaming HDR support, so you can enjoy every detail in depth.

In this article, we review the Samsung Q60T 4K Smart QLED TV. We will also list QN43Q60TAFXZA, QN50Q60TAFXZA, QN55Q60TAFXZA, QN58Q60TAFXZA, QN65Q60TAFXZA, QN75Q60TAFXZA, QN82Q60TAFXZA, and QN85Q60TAFXZA Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

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Samsung Q60T Review

Today we are taking a quick look at this lower-end Samsung QLED q63 tv this is the 50-inch model but it does, however, come with a 43 inch version a 55 a 58 65 75, and a massive 85-inch version. The main aspect of this review today is to establish with this particular tv would be still adequate enough to use with that previously reviewed ps5 console.

Samsung Q60T Review

Let’s go into some of the details so this Samsung is the only hertz. Now it doesn’t have a 120-hertz panel and it does sit within a q led budget range category right now the price of this cv is about 599 to 650 pounds so this tv is indeed 4k ultra HD. It has hdr10 with hybrid locked grammar it comes with Tizen os with voice assistants that are included such as Alexa google assistant and I do think that Bixby is included too as mentioned this is the 50-inch version it is super light.

Samsung Q60T Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

It’s good to see that there’s no power brick attached we also have the usual Samsung remote control with a nice centered voice search button. We do have media shortcut buttons like Netflix prime video and rockets and tv this is really minimalized which personally always reminds me of what counts Nuku lightsaber from the star wars films we do get a second quite simple or remote control again. It’s got the inclusion of those media shortcut buttons and unfortunately with this particular remote control we don’t get a mic so you will undoubtedly need to swap between both remote controls at a given time but yeah you get everything like batteries the usual manuals and the warranty.

Samsung Q60T Black Friday

Let’s crack on and set it up by first line the box flat both the tv stand legs and the bottom of the tv have left and right icons so it’s easier to find where they’re situated and inserted nope there’s no need for screws they just simply click into place just like. It’s kind of nice and secure a bit rocky really but hey just a quick note guys if you do get yourself one of these tvs when taking off both left and right screen protections peel off from the top really gently as to be honest with in regards to the build quality of this q60t tv. It doesn’t at all feel that solid and i feel if you just pull them off the screen you may simply just damage it looking at the tv it does come with a fairly thin bezel.


It’s got this nice grained textured design to the rear and i’m guessing there’s no cable clips let’s just have a look no okay so they are supposed to be there i think but there’s none supplied oh well we do have easy access to those rare side ports which in my eyes they are better situated there in my opinion with two usb 2.0 ports two hdmi 2.0 ports no i’m afraid you don’t get any 2.1 ports. On this tv that is unless you step up to the q80t but you do indeed have all the normal connections there’s that satellite and terrestrial connections to support freesat hd preview and samsung tv plus shifting over.


We do have another hdmi 2.0 a port there’s a digital audio optical out but used with sound bars you do get those standard av ports an ethernet port as well as the common interface which we’ll just place in just now let’s go ahead and put the tv in and after a short initial setup we are greeted by the tizen os where we have easy access to all of our apps. You can download a few such as now tv should you wish but i must say it’s quite pleasing that those menus when initialized don’t block the tv streaming visualizations as mentioned. We do get that samsung tv plus so now we don’t have to just settle for threshold tv so yes we’ve got accessibility to internet streaming channels too this remote control.

By the way guys is really swift and it’s not much of a delay to be honest when pressing the buttons and switching between channels and the volume control it’s got good accessibility access to a tv guide and all those functions that were previously mentioned right from the off netflix works rather well again.

4K & 60 FPS

When it comes to 4k footage for us we use youtube at 60 frames per second i mean wow image quality is really colorful and vibrant with deep reds fantastic contrast ratio looking very marvelous get added quantum technology. At the moment, I can’t see any screen washouts looking at this q60 panel head on that is but i do wish that those rev pitch black dark color tones were a bit darker as you did notice that there was a bit of a slight grayscale added to some of those dark color tone areas.

Samsung Q60T Cyber Monday

Colours Contrast

On the other hand, it’s not an older tv and i think you pay for what you get especially being a budget hula tv and i think right now it’s certainly better looking than standard 4k tvs look at that detail. It doesn’t take long to notice that the colour tones and the contrast just become a bit washed out to be honest. Just have a look i hope that the camera’s picking this up yeah so yes i guess it all depends on your seating arrangements and whether you’re placing the cv high up on the wall right now we have this sat on the tv stand and i think that even though this q60t looks great head-on.


I would certainly limit sitting at very tight side angles with a bit of screen glare too although we have got bright lights shining within this room. It’s a glossy panel but when it comes to the audio this is another aspect which has its ups and downs okay so initially the sound from the speakers with this particular tv is pretty good.

It has real decent bass which is great for films music and sound effects within certain games which is a noticeable plus point the only downfall when it comes to the sound is when we found that there was some kind of blowing noise that was coming from the speakers that coexisted with any of the audio dialogue at first.

We did think it was nothing but then after time it did become very noticeable and i must admit quite annoying i did think that maybe it was just this particular tv but after google searching the problem. It was the first thing that popped up and it was a subject that many people was talking about on samsung forums complaining about a blowing noise coming from the speakers.

Headphones and Soundbar Connection

You can simply add a sound bar with this tv and you can even use single bluetooth headphones which will eradicate any sound problems but why should you have to that’s the question? So ,audio quality is subjective. It’s a mixed bag but when it comes to my preferred picture mode it has to be dynamic mode. You do have standard natural moving filmmaker modes and it is just a vast amount of settings to be had which is great to get your pinpointed perfect picture. You’re drunk so the internet search it’s not too bad. It doesn’t like that much it is rather basic though or you can add a usb mouse or keyboard combination if need be voice assistant is quite responsive too.

Samsung Q60T Review

It out so what’s the weather like in manchester right now in manchester england it’s 10 degrees celsius with cloudy skies. It’s not bad it’s pretty good but because this is indeed a smart tv and not an android tv don’t be expecting too much in way of basic store games. So, no you won’t get any games like asphalt airborne 8 for example but you will indeed however have access to some games that you can’t download like tarmac race you see quite simplistic isn’t it but for a bigger test well.

Gaming OLED

We’ve hooked up the brand new ps5 console where when playing games like spiderman miles molaris you can see where this tv shines there’s not much if all any emotional lag at all while playing this game with 60 frames per second obviously with retracing enhanced lighting disabled so yes very smooth gameplay but if you want to see high fidelity mode this is where the 4k really pops with gameplay tiny spiders.

I gotta say gameplay is fantastic stunning graphics and even though this is a 120 hertz panel this cv is probably the best budget qled tv with 60hz running that gives you overall much improved gaming experience but it would be probably wise guys just as a side note that if you can get a good deal right now the samsung q8t it does add to that future protection so for example the q8t does have a 120 hertz panel with hdmi 2.1.