Rode Procaster Dynamic Microphone Black Friday Deals 2021

In this article, we review the Rode Procaster Dynamic Vocal Microphone. We will also list Rode Procaster Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

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Rode Procaster Broadcast Black Friday Deals 2021

Audio quality is essential when making videos podcasting or streaming online. Many viewers get turned off quickly. We’re going to take a look at the road pro caster and why I think it’s the best dynamic mic for the buck, even if this microphone is out of your price range. If you stream or make videos stick around because we’re going to explain why you should almost always choose a dynamic microphone over a condenser, especially if you’re a streamer or podcaster. Check out Elgato Wave Black Friday.

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I’ll be using this microphone throughout the entire article to hear what it sounds like and what you hear right now is the unprocessed audio. I have the microphone plugged into my dbx 286s with all the effects bypassed and only using the preamp at some point in the video.


I’ll switch over to processed audio to hear what that sounds like and when I do, I’ll be sure to give you guys a heads up, so I don’t make your eardrums bleed. So for starters, the road crow caster is a dynamic microphone and not a condenser microphone.

Dynamic microphones are passive and don’t require power to function, unlike a condenser which requires 48-volt phantom power. The main difference between the two is how they each capture sound condensers are typically a lot more sensitive and pick up more detail in the sound. They could easily pick up background noise or room reflections and just overall a lot more noise than you would like in an untreated environment.

Dynamic microphones vs. Condenser microphones

Dynamic microphones are a lot less sensitive due to a passive design and are much better at helping reject background noise in reflections that eliminate them but reject them. Because of this, they capture slightly less detail than condenser microphones.

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You’re making ASMR videos or want to hear the saliva sloshing around in your mouth. I wouldn’t sweat the loss because these dynamic microphones will be the best choice in live environments rooms that aren’t treated specially for sound, streaming, and podcasting. You have to consider the noise from keyboards, mice, computer fans, all that good stuff.

Now they aren’t a cure for not having any proper treatment whatsoever. They do a better job of rejecting background noise than a condenser microphone.

Frequency & Range

The microphone also features an impedance of 320 ohms, a cardioid pickup pattern, which picks up audio best from the front of the diagram. I’m an idiot with a frequency range of 75 to 18,000 Hertz and the next significant bit of information. We’re going to dissect a sensitivity of negative 56 decibels.

This number is essential because that is essentially the amount of gain your preamp has to provide the microphone for you to reach zero decibels. You’re going to want to flow at around minus 15 to minus 12 DB. They can get close to that amount of gain but not too far under 50 decibels should do the trick, but you might need some help from an external device like a cloud lifter note.