PreSonus AudioBox Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

In this article, we review the PreSonus AudioBox Studio. We will also list PreSonus AudioBox Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

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PreSonus AudioBox Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This is the audiobox USB 96 limited edition in beautiful stealth. The audiobox USB 96 has been super popular because it combines professional sound quality with professional features at a very affordable price. It makes a great first interface if you’re starting to build your studio, but it makes a great second interface. If you’re working remotely, say mixing in a coffee house or writing songs with a friend, or you need to do a remote recording. Grab out Focusrite Scarlett Cyber Monday.

PreSonus AudioBox Black Friday


It’s an ideal interface for that application part of the reason to make such a great portable interface is that you don’t need a separate power supply. The audiobox USB 96 is bus-powered, which means that it draws its power over USB 2.0.

When you connect it to a mac or a pc when you purchase the audio box USB 96, you’re ready to go right out of the box. PreSonus includes their studio one artist daw software as well as six gigabytes of bonus content. You also get the studio magic plugin suite which includes plugins from mod audio lexicon eventide SPL brain works and more.


There to get you rolling right out of the box, the audiobox USB 96 is a two in two out audio interface. The two inputs are right on the front panel, and they’re combi xlr and quarter-inch inputs, so you can connect either a microphone or an instrument such as a bass or a guitar. The audiobox USB 96 features PreSonus’s award-winning studio-grade preamps.

Mixer & Controller

With audio interfaces can be latency, especially when you’re overdubbing. The audiobox USB 96 has a mixer control right on the front panel. This allows you to blend in between the incoming signals and the signals coming back from your computer. There are never any issues with latency when you’re overdubbing rounding out the front panel. We have separate volume controls for the headphone output and the main output.

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Those outputs are on the back panel. We’ve got a headphone jack, and then we have stereo main output jacks. You usually connect those to your studio monitors a significant feature of the audiobox USB 96 is its built-in midi interface. So you can use it with external midi hardware like keyboards anything else you want to control via midi. We’ve got separate midi in and midi out ports.

Audio Interface

As you can see, the audiobox USB 96 is a straightforward, very easy-to-operate audio interface. Still, it gives you everything you need to capture great-sounding audio at resolutions up to 24 bit 96 kilohertz. If you’re getting started, it makes an excellent solution for building your studio, and as I mentioned earlier, it makes an excellent portable interface as well. It’s bus-powered, so it needs no separate power supply to throw it in your bag.

Final Words

When you get to wherever you’re working, pull it out, connect it to your computer. You’re ready to go and if you’re looking for a complete out-of-the-box studio solution, be sure to check out the audio box USB 96 studio hardware and software recording kit and the audio box USB 96 ultimate hardware and software recording kit. I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the PreSonus audiobox USB 96 limited edition in stealth black very excellent interface.