Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Black Friday is a great way to save money and get your hands on the latest professional DJ controllers. This bundle includes the popular 4-channel controller, headphones, and cables for connecting it all together – making it an ideal package for aspiring DJs or those looking to upgrade their existing setup.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Black Friday

The DDJ-400 is packed with features including 8 performance pads per channel, full software integration with Serato DJ Pro, 16 RGB backlit buttons as well as intuitive controls that make mixing music easy. With its lightweight design and portability, this bundle makes it easy to take your show on the road while still having access to some of the best technology in the industry.


The Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enter the world of digital DJing. With a variety of features and exceptional performance, this controller offers great value for its price range. Let’s explore its key features and capabilities.

Features and Performance

The DDJ-400 is equipped with low-latency jog wheels, 8 performance pads, sound color FX, and an independent sampler volume knob, among other features. These elements provide precise control over tempo, scratching effects, looping, and playback speed. The sound color FX add a layer of creativity, allowing you to incorporate unique effects in real time.


The Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 offers incredible value for its price range. Its two low-latency jog wheels and sixteen performance pads enable you to create professional-level mixes that will undoubtedly impress your audience. Additionally, it includes the rekordbox DJ software, eliminating the need for additional cost or hardware. You can start mixing right away!


While the DDJ-400 offer great features at a reasonable price, it may lack some of the bells and whistles found in higher-end models. Although this may not be a dealbreaker for beginners or hobbyists, those seeking more advanced features might need to explore other options.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Cyber Monday


In conclusion, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is an exceptional entry-level controller that exceeds expectations within its price range. Its wide range of features and inclusion of rekordbox DJ software make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to venture into professional digital DJing. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced DJ, the DDJ-400 provides an affordable and high-quality solution that won’t disappoint.