LG SPK8 / SPK8-S Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

This Black Friday, anticipate exciting deals on the LG SPK8-S rear speaker kit. Renowned for enhancing the cinematic home sound experience, the LG SPK8-S offers immersive 2.0 Channel 140W audio that will elevate your entertainment. Look out for exclusive Black Friday discounts to obtain this premium device at an unbeatable price! Invest in incredible sound quality this shopping season and transform your home into a mini-theater with the LG SPK8-S.

lg spk8 black friday

Information about LG SPK8 / SPK8-S:

This 2.0 package introduces rear surround channels to complement your existing soundbar. Each speaker is encased by a sleek metal mesh grille. Both rear speakers deliver 70 watts, totaling 140 watts of RMS power. The provision for mounting the speaker unit onto the stand is situated at the bottom-rear end. Note that these speakers are not entirely wireless; there’s a special attachment to address magnetic interference.


  • Speaker connection: Provided wires facilitate seamless connectivity between the speakers and the wireless receiver unit.
  • Wireless receiver unit: Compact and lightweight, boasting a matte black piano finish. Its small size allows easy concealment behind furniture, such as sofas or couches.
  • Speaker wire connectivity: Employing push connectors, ensure proper alignment of left and right channels. The same straightforward process applies to connecting the wireless receiver.
  • Instant connectivity: Upon powering on, the wireless receiver swiftly syncs with the main solver in your existing setup.


LGS SPK8 3.17 soundbar, once paired with the surround speakers, brings forth a captivating 5.1 surround audio experience. Configuration options abound: the soundbar remote or the LG speaker application allows adjustments to rear speaker settings, volume, and surround sound mode.

lg spk8-s black friday

Maintain the authenticity of the sound by preserving the original format. The speakers activate only when a rear surround channel is present from the source. My setup involves linking the soundbar to an LG CNN OLED TV.

For optimal audio output when using an optical connection, enable pass-through and disable LG sourcing. This step is crucial for accessing the 5.1 audio channel. When employing HDMI Arc, the digital sound can be set to auto or pass-through. Experiment with Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks for a varied auditory experience.

Final Words:

In conclusion, the LG SPK8 / SPK8-S stands as a testament to LG’s dedication to enhancing audio experiences. These rear speaker kits deliver clear, immersive sound that fills any room, transforming home entertainment systems into personal theaters. Whether you’re watching a blockbuster hit, listening to your favorite playlist, or gaming, LG SPK8 / SPK8-S ensures exceptional sound quality at every turn.