LG 49SJ810V Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

LG 49SJ810V Super UHD Nano cell LED TV is one of the best 4K LED TV with Dolby Vision, HDR support & streaming apps. Highly recommended for a 4K lovers.

In this article, we will review the LG 49SJ810V 4K Nano Cell LED TV. We also list LG 49SJ810V Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts.

LG 49SJ810V Black Friday Deals

LG 49SJ810V Black Friday

This article will be about decent TVs resolution ultra HD Black Friday offers and comments from the LG, on the LG 49J810 will say immediately in my opinion. In the junior television series j6 and j7 2017 it is better than not particularly turned out because, in fact, not only are they not different from their counterparts in 2016, but in some cases they were worse. They were with the series, so the designation of the model 49 diagonal screen in inches with Yandex ultra HD TVs with screens on.

LG 49SJ810V Review

In the end, launched, a diagonal screen of forty-nine inches or 124 centimeters in high ultra-resolution presented again sat screen 49, 55, and 65 diagonal in features. They are similar so this review will be relevant and for larger models it will start with the appearance of the TV. The design of the TV worked shaft connector made a body thin enough 6 centimeters metal frame of the screen. The back cover of the plastic construction quality is much better than that of the yu j 634. If you take the frame, then the squeaks are not firmly collected at the bottom of the back cover still feel that the space could have been made.

LG 49SJ810V review


There are two antenna connectors 4 HDMI input version 2.0.3, USB login and RJ-45 Ethernet, Bluetooth 802.11. There is a connector for SIM cards or for conditional access modules to whom, as it is clearer, there is also an optical output for acoustics and a headphone jack of three and a half millimeters also ideas. It is true of what is really rare for modern TVs in can also be used as a wireless monitor in the waifai sound in the data since all 2 single speakers by 10 watts. Also Check LG OLED55CXPUA Deals.

Dolby Vision

There are Dolby set-top boxes and DTS menu sound settings that can be viewed in video by moving to the screen above its installed IPS matrix with ultra HD resolution and Jillette backlight and 120 Hertz refresh rate compatible with Ildiar and Dolby Vision. By the way, I tried to evaluate the hdr mode on the conventional rollers the treatment of them should be a brightness alignment and all matters, but nothing a warm tone. Get a TCL 32S327 Deal.

Video Quality

In fact, I didn’t see a color demo video of itself already removed coming out so you also have nothing to say so convenience and Dior for the usual rollers for me. In question as to the image itself and as for me I lacked the constant loss of a competitor of Samsung and Sony, but eight hundredths of a much better bright and slightly dim image case at large angles of the display parameters. In some image modes, I prefer the standard more or less.


The honest colors of the image hand settings also have as to the black color. Not bad thanks to the local blackout, but when the light turns off the local blackout work can be seen by the Polish channel example as it works. The local blackout to Movies when the lights are off, in fact, is not as reactive as in the video, but it seems to include the interruption as well. Adjusting the local blackout grade is done in the image settings you can see the example on the screen for image smoothness.

LG 49SJ810V cyber monday


This TV joins the TruMotion function has several presets that run regardless of the signal sources that allows the model given a smooth image of any display source. It is used in games that in conjunction with consoles or better use of the game off. Image refinement will positively affect the time from the rick the minimum value of which 15 milliseconds, but when refinements are included the response time can and up to 60 times increase to a smart TV running the operating system. Checkout Samsung TU8000 Deals.

Apps Options

The TV menu is a type of app positioning apps, you can manage has its own lg content star app store interface that for some reason disconnects and slows down the size of apps a little bit of 300 kilobytes somewhere to 3 megabytes therefore integrated into memory. The volume of which is about 600 20 megabytes will be enough principle with the head, but the memory is only available for installation applications to speed up VBS in this i.e. high except app store.