Elgato Wave Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

In this article, we review the Elgato Wave Microphone and Digital Mixer. We will also list Elgato Wave 1 & Wave 3 Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Prime Day deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

Elgato Wave Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Today we review the Elgato wave one and wave three microphones. These are our first foray into audio for content creation. Their USB condenser microphones are part of the complete audio package that we’ll get into more in a bit of bit. You’ll see that they look very similar, and on the inside, they have a lot of similarities as well. Both are condenser-style microphones that connect to your computer via the included USB cable.

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So they’re both plug and play. Both feature a zero-latency headphone jack on the back. They both feature an internal pop filter to prevent plosive sounds from distorting your audio. Both microphones feature our clip guard technology, which contains your audio from ever peaking even when you get heated, and your volume brings loud.

They’re both either usable on their own with the included desk stand, or you can connect them to a microphone arm. They’re also compatible with all of our launch accessories, our anti-vibration shock mount. Our external pop filter and our desktop stand extension rods.

Internal Pop Filter

If the wave microphones have an internal pop filter already well while the internal pop filter does allow. Wave microphones to prevent plosives better than most other microphones on the market the external pop filter improves.


There are many similarities between these two microphones. What about the differences? First up is the dial on the front of the microphones.

Wave 1

On wave 1, the dial serves two functions: It controls the headphone output volume, and if you press the dial-in, it’ll mute your microphone.

Wave 3

The wave 3 multi-function dial allows you to control your microphones and gain your headphone output volume and microphone PC monitor mix. In other words, the balance between hearing your zero-latency mic monitoring and then the audio coming out of your PC.

Audio Size

Wave 1 supports up to 48-kilohertz audio, while wave 3 can go all the way up to 96 kilohertz. We aren’t the first microphones out there, so what’s different about Elgato wave compared to all the other mics already available well.

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With algata wave is to be the complete audio solution for content creators. I like to think of project wave as a combination of a microphone and an audio mixer all in one, so how is this possible well.

Final Words

Our thought is that many streamers are already using stream deck to control every other aspect of their stream. So enabling stream deck to control your audio through wave link truly makes it your one-stop shop for control and when everything is available to be held in one place. It just makes things incredibly easy, so in short, this is why we think a wave is the complete audio package.