Bose Wave Music System IV Black Friday Deals 2022

Presenting from bose we have the legendary performing and compact wave sound touch music system. It features are award-winning waveguide speaker technology that delivers deep rich and impressive acoustic sound.

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Bose Wave Music System IV review:

Presenting from bose, we have the legendary performing and compact wave sound touch music system. Its features are award-winning waveguide speaker technology that delivers deep, rich, and impressive acoustic sound. You can easily stream millions of songs with a combined cd player am FM dap plus digital radio and now with wi-fi and Bluetooth for more connectivity.

Bose Wave Music System IV Black Friday Deals


The sound touch adapter underneath the wave unit will plug into the bose link port on the back of the wave. As shown, plug in the supplied power cable and switch on the power. The speaker will take seconds to boot up before you can use it. When the, please wait for message vanishes, you can switch it on.

How does Bose Wave Music System work?

You can either tap the top of the LCD or use the remote control by selecting radio to go to radio mode pushing. The radio button again will scroll through the am FM and digital tuners. When you’re on the suitable tuner, use the left and right arrows on the remote to scroll to your favorite station to save a radio station as a preset. Make sure the radio station is playing and hold any of the six preset buttons down until you hear a beep. The display will indicate a preset has been made by showing the number in the left-hand corner.

Bose Wave Music System IV Black Friday

If you already have one, you can switch to cd mode by pressing the cd button on the remote control. You can control cd tracks, play and pause your music and eject the cd on your remote control.


Now let’s set up the wi-fi on your wave system, you’ll need either a smartphone, tablet, or computer to set up sound touch-first make sure your wi-fi is switched on, and you’re connected to your wi-fi network, then go into the bose soundtouch app.

The first time you open it, you’ll be asked to create a soundtouch account once. You’ve created your soundtouch account. Make your way to the menu panel through the icon in the top left-hand corner, choose settings, then select the option called add or reconnect speaker.

It will take you to the soundtouch setup page, where you can connect via wi-fi or a wired connection. If you select wi-fi, you’ll be prompted to go to your device’s wi-fi settings, where you will need to select the wi-fi network starting with the word for before we can select the bose network.

Bose Wave Music System IV Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Once the bose network appears, select it, then make your way back to the sound touch app. Choose to continue, and you’ll then be asked to select your wi-fi network and enter the password for that network. Give the sound touch speaker a name, then select continue. You’ll now have access to stream content through sound touches such as tune-in radio Spotify, Deezer, and your iTunes library can also let you save presets through the app.

Bose Wave Music System 4 cyber monday

Select the icon in the top right-hand corner if you have something playing. This will bring up your soundtouch presets list to save a preset; hold down any of the numbers until your station or playlist appears. You can also access your soundtouch presets by selecting soundtouch mode on your remote followed by the chosen preset number so you have a brief guide to setting up and using your wave soundtouch music system, of course, there are a few more additional features. We can’t get through all in this article, but with this guide, you can get the majority of the functionality of the wave. It’s been one of bose’s most popular systems for many years, and it’s strongly continued to advance technologically as more and more advances in audio are being released.