Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit Black Friday Deals 2022

In this article, we review the Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit. We will also list Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, sales, or discounts to save big.

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Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

The Alesis nitro mesh kit is an eight-piece all-mesh drum set. Today, I will take you through the module’s hardware and tell you why this is a great choice; as you can see, all the drums feature newly designed mesh pads. The great thing about mesh is that you can tension it. The same way you would an acoustic head if you like a tighter feel on your snare and a looser feel on your toms. Grab an Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB Black Friday Deal.

alesis drums nitro mesh kit black friday

You can do that with the standard drum key for the snare. We have an 8-inch dual-zone pad; we’re also giving you two eight-inch single-zone rack toms and an eight-inch single-zone floor tom for the cymbals. We have a single-zone 8-inch ride cymbal with choke, an 8-inch single-zone crash cymbal, and an 8-inch high hat cymbal. The Hyatt is controlled by our newly designed hi-hat foot controller for the bass drum. We have an 8-inch kick drum tower. We also include a single bass drum pedal with the kit worth noting the kick tower is large enough to accommodate any double bass drum pedal of your choice.

All the components are mounted on our four-post lightweight aluminum rack. The rack is compact enough to fit into any playing environment. It’s great to play in small studios, tract spaces, or apartments. The heart of the night Ramesh kit is a nitro drum module; the module includes a headphone jack for silent practice, and two quarter-inch line outputs to plug into a PA system. A USB port allows you to connect to your Mac or PC with music production software. There’s an eight-inch auxiliary input to plug your media device or iPod MIDI in and out.


There are also two additional trigger inputs to expand your kit. If you want to add a four Tom or an additional crash cymbal, the nitro drum module includes 40 drum sets and over 385 sounds; to use changing kits is very easy using the arrow keys. You can also customize each sound by using the voice button and going through each voice using the arrow keys. It’s effortless to customize these preset kits. I want to change the snare on kit number one.

alesis nitro mesh kit cyber monday

Final Words

I would choose the snare to go to the voice menu and change the voice using the arrow buttons. I like that one, so now all I would do to save is press the Save button. It’ll save automatically to a user kit, and press the Save button again. We’ve included some practice tools on the nitro module. There’s a rhythm check function built-in metronome and eighty play-along songs with adjustable tempos.